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We go above and beyond!

 A Peninsula Park-View and Robins Nest Cottages go above and beyond CDC cleaning recommendations.

Each guest can rest assured that our concerned staff cares and remembers many of our repeat guests. Everyone working at A Peninsula Park-View and Robins Nest has been trained to ensure the health and safety of guests, staff and waste disposal (to protect the environment). 

We follow the State and County Commitments to Cleanliness and Safety. Using CDC guidelines, we clean and disinfect every surface using natural products plus a small amount of bleach. We provide lawn and pool furniture, but cannot disinfect them between users.

We use no chemicals on the flowers or lawn, so they are not perfect. Guests are welcome to pick a dandelion to add to their salad. 

Our office staff is available at a slide open window from 8AM -10:30AM and 3:30PM- 5PM. This window is located on the Hwy A side of the main office, next to the bicycle repair tools. Call 920-854-2633 if we are not there and for assistance after 5PM. It will forward to Carole‚Äôs cell phone, so please let it ring. Yes we are offering FREE fair trade organic coffee & also Danish Kringle! It is served from this window 8AM -10AM

* Due to safety of our staff, we do not provide daily housekeeping.
Door County is committed to CDC and WEDC recommendations and to the Commitment to Cleanliness and Safety Initiative. A Peninsula Park-View and Robins Nest Cottages goes a step beyond. We believe we have the best housekeepers in Door County!