PETS POLICY:  Would you like to bring your furry family member? We allow one or two family friendly quiet dogs in specific rooms and specific cottages. Guests love that Peninsula State Park is across the road and wonderful for walks! 

To ensure the enjoyment of the property by all: Pets are allowed only in rooms 1, 9, and 10 at Peninsula Park-View and in the Cardinal, Sparrow and Starling at the Robins Nest Cottages in Fish Creek, they are not allowed in other buildings.

Current vaccination tags must be on the pet with current papers available by request.

Pets must be on a non retractable leash at a safe distance from other guests.

You may be charged for damages and/or excessive cleaning due to your pets, including soiled towels and linens. 

Owners must pick up and properly discard pet waste in the trash or additional cleaning fees will be charged.

Pets may not be housed or tied up outside of a room, suite or cottage overnight and are never to be left alone in the room or on the property. We will help you locate a pet sitter when needed.

You are responsible for your pets behavior. If your barking or aggressive activity disturbs other guests, you may be required to leave with no refund. If your pet is left unattended or if your pet bites anyone, it will be grounds for cancellation of your stay with no refund and if another guest leaves due to a pet’s excessive noise or aggression, the pet owner will also be responsible for the balance of that guest’s reservation. You will be responsible for excessive cleaning or damages. 

Each pet is $15 per night when included in the reservation and $30 each per night when added during check in.